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I spend a lot of time reading things I find online through social media, newsletters I’m signed up for, and other channels. In accordance with my belief in the benefits of not having a clear focus, I don’t limit myself to a set of topics. For a while now I have been thinking about curating the best of the things I read in a weekly blogpost & newsletter. This is the first issue and my aim is to turn it into a weekly feature.

My goal with this is to collect the best in human knowledge (i.e. sh*t people share on the Internet), regardless of the topic. Since the list is curated by me, there would be at least some distortion in favor of certain topics, such as leadership, careers, life-hacking, digital marketing, etc. But not much. And since you’ll be spending some of your time reading this, I promise to take this as a very serious responsibility and choose only the best. I also hope the links you will find here will help inspire you and allow you to learn something new.

I feel a note on the name is due. It’s a word play on the expression “crème de la crème” (meaning “best of something”) but also added “fresh”-ness to signify it’s the best new content I could find. It also happens to be the name of my all-time favorite South Park episode.

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So here’s the stuff:

Sex is sex. But money is money.

Medium published a longform interview with a young Russian woman who started selling her body shortly after moving to New York. It is a fascinating case study in the business side of being a professional escort.

Introduction to Personal Branding [SLIDES]

Australian brand & communications agency Band I Am has created a very good slide deck to quickly get started with personal branding. It’s a really hot topic that few people get (and those who do really crush it).

Serial, A captivating new podcast

Coming from the creators of This American Life, Serial is a new podcast which follows one real-life story over the course of a whole season. The topic of the first season is the murder of a young Asian-American student from Baltimore and the mystery surrounding her death. No, it’s not just you who thinks it sounds a lot like Twin Peaks (and it’s just as addictive).

Real Life Pomodoro

If you’re not yet familiar with the Pomodoro Technique, you really are missing out. Belle Beth Cooper expands on it by offering an alternative way to hack your productivity by working in the short periods of time when you’re waiting on other things (for example the apple pie in the oven).

What The Future Looks Like To North Koreans Who Have Never Left

This is both disturbing and enchanting. A North Korean tourist agency asked local architects to imagine what buildings would look like in the future. What they created takes us more back to the middle of the last century than into the future.

The Gratuitous Injustice of American Tipping Culture

For any foreigner, visiting the USA, tipping is one of the first chances to experience culture shock. This article looks into the origin and culture of one of the true pillars of American exceptionalism.

Russia before the Revolution (1907-1915), In Color.

An amazing collection of colored pictures, which present what the Russian Empire and its multi-ethnic, multi-national people looked like more than a hundred years ago.

So that’s it. I hope you liked the selection and I will really appreciate it if you share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget that you can subscribe to receive Crème Fraîche in your email inbox.

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