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Ilia Markov

My name is Ilia Markov.

I have always struggled to fit myself in the typical ‘one passion, one aim’ framework of life and have pursued knowledge in all forms and from all areas.

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and studied in England at the University of Essex where I got a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Politics and in the US at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business where I got my MBA.

This blog is an attempt to combine and make sense of all the interests that I have. I am currently working as a digital marketer, but I also love technology in all forms, blogging, social media, big data analytics, life hacking, football (or soccer, for those of you across the pond), and good wine.

The name of this blog comes from two basic premises:

1) As the Markov chain suggests, even seemingly random events can be guided by some structure, a ‘universal logic’ of sorts.

2) ‘Unchaining’ yourself to explore the world in its full variety will allow you to discover the links that make up the hidden ‘universal logic’ and allow you to apply it in your daily life.

Follow my social media accounts if you want to get in touch with me or just to stay up to date on what I am doing: LinkedInTwitter, Facebook, Google+.

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