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Is Amazon really Google’s biggest rival?

Eric Schmidt recently said that Amazon is Google’s biggest rival in Search. Why do they see Bezos’ company in that way and what’s the bigger stake at play. Read the article to find out.

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Well-rounded: the virtue of many interests

Here is something really personal: for a while now I have been struggling with admitting that I have many interests and with the fact that my background seems really unfocussed because of this ‘diversity’. I am interested in politics and have studied it as an undergraduate degree and practiced it as a leader of a […]

Digital Marketing

Product development need not be chaotic

Coming up with a new product is a challenging even daunting task. It is the task of product managers to provide some form of structure to the process of creating a new process, in order to mitigate the risks associated with going through such a complex process, ridden with so many unknowns.

Career advice

Making Sense of LinkedIn Endorsements

A lot of people criticize LinkedIn skills endorsements, but there is a way to make them work.

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