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What is this and why isn’t it about food? Here’s the answer.

This week’s edition is marked by debates and speculations. There is a new Big Debate between marketers, but who’s got the upper hand? If your company is not concerned with ‘Customer Success’ yet, maybe it’s time you start thinking about it.

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Stuff I posted this week:

Who’s Google’s biggest rival for Search?

You’d never guess. Unless you’ve already read the blogpost, that is.

Done? Good, here’s The Selection:

The new debate of Marketing: Human Intuition vs. Big Data

Man vs. Machine. Sounds like a good setup for a sci-fi movie, but instead it’s just the debate-du-jour in Marketing. Like in every big schism, there are passionate followers for each side with their idols. Forbes’ Greg Satell tries to bring the two sides closer.

Customer Success Has a Quantifiable Impact on Revenue

Customer Success has become a popular word in recent months. You can hear entrepreneurs mention it, see it on job sites (more and more companies are looking for ‘Manager of Customer Success’). This article not only explains the meaning (and value) of it, but also goes into some much needed detail (without overdoing it).

Dan Ariely’s 6 Secrets To Managing Your Time

I’ve been a fan of Dan Ariely ever since I heard him talk at the University of Michigan a couple of years ago. The great thing about his writing is that it is always based in empirical research and thus can really help you change your habits. Ariely’s latest endeavour is productivity enhancing app Timeful.

How to Be Motivated Every Day: Lessons Learned from Twyla Tharp

And while we’re on the topic of getting things done – a great blogpost by James Clear who studied how renowned dancer Twyla Tharp kept her motivation. I know I certainly have a hard time motivating myself to persevere with my goals and plans sometimes. And I am sure I’m not alone in this.

Is Ebola that scary?

The world is pretty freaked out about Ebola, but how does it compare to other infectious diseases? David McCandless (@infobeautiful) has produced an interesting graphic for The Guardian comparing the combination between the infectiousness and the deadliness of the virus with a set of other diseases. The conclusion: there is worse. But not much.

Ad agency wants you to be smart about becoming an organ donor

Belgium’s Duval-Guillaume came up with a brilliant and highly controversial advertising campaign encouraging people to become organ donors. But not everyone. A noble initiative and deadly funny. See the video and other ads in the campaign here.

Polish Banksy is just as good as the original

OK, his name is Pawel Kuczynski and he draws on paper rather than walls. His pieces about the world that surrounds us are just as inspired as those of the graffiti legend. And maybe a bit more depressing…

So that’s it. I hope you liked the selection and I will really appreciate it if you share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget that you can subscribe to receive Crème Fraîche in your email inbox.

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