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For a while, I’ve been looking for a beautiful writing tool that would allow me to write without any distractions and save to the cloud to access my files from wherever I want.

I’ve been a fan of Evernote for a while now and use it for everything from shopping list management, through scrapbook for recipes, to primary tool for taking notes at work. The sync is what makes it so useful to me. Unfortunately, the writing experience so far hasn’t been that great. A cluttered interface on the desktop application. Tiny typefaces, which are hard to read.

I’ve tried and tested a number of writing apps, both for creative and technical writers (Writer Pro, Sublime Text, Onword, Escriba, Ommwriter, etc.) and while they are all great in some sense, they all fall short in one thing or another and I’d always find myself falling back to Evernote. I would even get to the point where I’d use a distraction-free editor to write and then copy everything I’ve written and paste it in Evernote to have it saved in the cloud so I can access, edit, and work with the text from another computer.

Fortunately, that’s not going to be an issue anymore, thanks to the new interface that Evernote is introducing for its web app. Here are a few screenshots of what it looks like, as I am writing this:

If you want to test it yourself, try logging in on the web version of Evernote here. You should get a dialog asking you if you want to switch to the beta test of the new interface.

Of course, there’s plenty of features Evernote can introduce to make it even better – a word count, Markdown support (I use it on the blog and it’s really simple to write in it and copy&paste directly in the blog interface). And of course introduce it to the native applications for Windows and Mac. But all in all, I think this is a big step forward for Evernote and a feature I have been in dire need of.

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